Letterbombs - The World Is Cursed… (Vinyl)
Letterbombs - The World Is Cursed… (Vinyl)
Letterbombs - The World Is Cursed… (Vinyl)
Desperate Infant Records

Letterbombs - The World Is Cursed… (Vinyl)

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'Dreamlike Bliss' is the first single and video taken from Letterbombs new album, 'The World Is Cursed...'

The album will be released on vinyl on the 15th of July by the following labels; Dingleberry Records (Germany), No Funeral Records (Canada), Desperate Infant Records (China), Fireflies Fall (France), Shove Records (Italy), Engineer Records (UK), Pasidaryk Pats Records (Lithuania). There will also be a limited cassette version available via Semi Collective Records (USA). 

Dreamlike Bliss, is about the first stage of grief, denial, where a once ideal world is shattering, and the realisation of loss is starting to take effect. The chaotic confrontation of a dreamlike paradise colliding with harsh urban landscapes reflects the inner conflict one goes through when dealing with loss. 

The video was made by Matti Pulju.

Letterbombs’ are a Finnish emoviolence quartet, formed back in 2020. After multiple splits and eps, the band presents the fruit of their labour, their debut full-length, The World Is Cursed…, which is an 18-minute journey through the five stages of grief. 
Having worked with labels around the world, the band has gathered an international group of labels to spread the cure for misery globally.

Letterbombs is:
Christopher Livingstone – Guitar, Vocals
Juuso Suomela – Drums, Vocals
Roope Palve – Bass, Vocals
Eetu Viita – Vocals