Eremo - L’ego in un pagliaio (Vinyl)
Eremo - L’ego in un pagliaio (Vinyl)
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Eremo - L’ego in un pagliaio (Vinyl)

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Eremo is a four piece band from Milan, born in 2015. Their music is an emotionally charged hardcore played with the odd time signatures of math rock.

In December 2016 they released their first self titled EP, which obtained positive reviews in and outside of Italy. In the first year of live shows they shared the stage with band like LITE, The Physics House Band, Joliette, Storm{o}.

In 2018 they toured around Italy and Eastern Europe with the mexican band For Dummies, travelling through Slovenia, Hungary, Slovakia, Czech Republic.

Their second album, “L’ego in un pagliaio”, will be out on May 2021.

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