Knuckle Puck - Retrospective (Vinyl)
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Knuckle Puck - Retrospective (Vinyl)

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Knuckle Puck was one of the first bands we worked with -- their first release with Bad Timing dates back to 2014, with the Knuckle Puck / Neck Deep Split 7" coming out as BTR-004 in February of that year. This release takes a look back at Knuckle Puck's early years -- Retrospective is a 12" LP + 7" EP combo that collects several releases, all originally pressed on vinyl by Bad Timing Records between 2014 and 2015.

On Side A of the 12" LP, you'll find 2013's The Weight That You Buried (originally BTR-008), and their two songs from that split with Neck Deep. Side B includes 2014's While I Stay Secluded EP (originally BTR-012), while the 7" is 2012's Don't Come Home EP (originally BTR-016).

Both the 12" and the 7" are housed in a silver gatefold jacket. You can see the artwork and mock-ups of the packaging on this page. All orders come with a digital download of all the music delivered right after you order. These records are being pressed in November 2022 and should be shipping by early 2023. Everyone who orders will receive an email update from us when the records arrive at our mail-order center with a timeline update.