Marietta - As It Were (Cassette)
Marietta - As It Were (Cassette)
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Marietta - As It Were (Cassette)

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Artist: Marietta

Title: As It Were

Genres: Midwest Emo, Math Rock

Released: 2015

For Fans of: The World Is a Beautiful Place & I Am No Longer Afraid to Die, Chinese Football, Delta Sleep, Tiny Moving Parts

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短暫嘅事和物先最令人回味同難忘,就如美國費城Emo樂隊Marietta。活躍時段只在2011至2015期間,最後一張專輯(其實只係第二張)As It Were於2015年推出後幾個月便宣告解散。

可能是超越不到2013年Summer Death的自己,亦有可能是只把最美好的留給聽眾細味。

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Track Listing (Cassette)

  1. Pony Up!!
  2. Beater
  3. Horse Tattoo
  4. Are You Afraid of God? No, But I'm Afraid of You
  5. 5 Minute Raw Vegan (Are You Fucking Around?)
  6. Ilai, Eli, a Lie
  7. No God in New Jersey
  8. United Away
  9. Destination Unknown (Reprise)
  10. Hawaii 5-0 Noseblunt
  11. Brains