The Story So Far - Proper Dose (CD)
The Story So Far - Proper Dose (CD)
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The Story So Far - Proper Dose (CD)

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Artist: The Story So Far

Title: Proper Dose

Genres: Pop Punk, Alternative Rock, Dream Pop

Released: 2018

For Fans of: Neck Deep, Basement, Citizen, Turnstile, Turnover

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The Story So Far (TFFS)一直都是Pop Punk界的寵兒,發行過四張全長專輯每張都得到不少正評。

2018年的這張Proper Dose,收錄了Upside Down及Take Me As You Please比較Punk味少而輕鬆的作品,不止令整張大碟加入平衡性,亦可給予聽眾TSSF的另一面。

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Track Listing(日本版CD)

  1. Proper Dose
  2. Keep This Up
  3. Out Of It
  4. Take Me As You Please
  5. Let It Go
  6. Upside Down
  7. If I Fall
  8. Need To Know
  9. Line
  10. Growing On You
  11. Light Year