TNG - GAD (Cassette)
TNG - GAD (Cassette)
TNG - GAD (Cassette)
Desperate Infant Records

TNG - GAD (Cassette)

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“GAD”是菲律賓Screamo樂隊TNG於2022年的首張專輯,大部分歌曲以Open Jam形式創作,其風格包括Post-Rock及Post-Hardcore等,歌曲每一段落都非常直接地帶出創作者情緒,是一個以樂符將人生起伏紀錄成的合輯。



DIRHK 2023 First release, GAD by TNG (Malolos, Philippines)

GAD is a collection of thoughts and hopes about life and how emotions get through our heads. This is an audio experience of pain and how we will get through with it or we never will.

All of the songs in the album was 1st made by doing an open jam and just polishing it every rehearsal sessions.

GAD cassette tape will be released by Desperate Infant Records Hong Kong, 75 copies were made. Public sale starts on 6 Jan 2023. Vinyl is now in preparation stage, will be co-releasing with lots of awesome international labels in 2023.