TNG - GAD (Vinyl)
TNG - GAD (Vinyl)
TNG - GAD (Vinyl)
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TNG - GAD (Vinyl)

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2022年的首張專輯”GAD”,大部分歌曲以Open Jam形式創作,以最純真率直的情感狠狠地侵略我們的五官神經,其風格包括Post-Rock及Post-Hardcore等,十首歌曲成一篇以樂符將人生起伏紀錄的合輯。
To commemorate the growth and experiences of the five-member band TNG, created the most intense Screamo album in Asia in recent years, "GAD".
Hailing from Malolos City, Philippines, each song of the TNG band represents the conflict between hope and pain, the struggle between separation and longing, and burns our sensory cells with emotions closest to the heart.
The debut album in 2022, "GAD," was mostly created in an Open Jam format, invading our sensory nerves with the most pure and direct emotions. The style includes Post-Rock and Post-Hardcore, and the ten songs form a compilation that records the ups and downs of life with musical notes.
After a year of anticipation, "GAD" is finally released in a vinyl version, with collaboration from nine incredible international labels worldwide. The double LP album is limited to 300 copies in "Poison Dart Frog" (coke bottle with heavy maroon splatter) colored vinyl and black vinyl.
Pre-orders will be available in various label stores starting tomorrow, July 7th, and shipping is expected to begin in August.
Vinyl Spec:
4mm Spine Cover Sleeve
12” Lyrics Sheet
/85 Colored 2LP - Coke Bottle w/ Heavy Maroon Splatter (Poison Dart Frog)
/215 Black 2LP
TNG is a celebration about life its an experience that we want to share with everyone.
TNG are:
Alden Mallo
Mykill Seño
Eg Cruz
Buwi Mariano
Jaybee Martin
Kim Suico
Best Life Records (UK)
Clever Eagle Records (US)
Desperate Infant Records (HK)
Dingleberry Records (DE)
FireFlies Fall Records (FR)
Fresh Outbreak Records (IT)
Friendly Otter DIY Records (US)
Small Animals Records (CN)
Still Ill Records (PH)